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Ben Jackson at the SPA awards

I can’t believe London Student won three SPA awards

London Student, the media co-operative I co-founded in May 2015, came away with three SPA awards at this year’s Student Publication Association conference.

We were awarded Best Newcomer Publication, which was open to outlets younger than three years. In addition, I won the Outstanding Commitment award and Emma Yeomans bagged Best Reporter.

London Student at the SPA awards
On stage with host Bree Allegretti, LS news editor Emma Yeomans and co-operative chair Megan Gurney

It was fantastic to see our hard work over the last year (and in the six months before last May) recognised by the SPA. Our success is all down to the selfless work of volunteers.

Without them, London Student would just be a memory (the University of London closed down LS, along with the intercollegiate students’ union in August 2014).

Winning Outstanding Commitment
Receiving the Outstanding Commitment award

Brenda Wong of Voxburner, who judged the Best Newcomer Publication entries, said:

This publication goes above and beyond to prove that they are unparalleled in standard, and I have no doubt they will continue to provide us with the mirror to student life in the Big Smoke we all need.

With friends from Felix of Imperial College London
Celebrating with Emma Yeomans and friends from Felix of Imperial College London

And James Smith, co-operative treasurer, reacted to our SPA awards success:

The awards London Student has won are a testament to the talented writers, editors and other contributors who have made working there so enjoyable over the past year. They are all great friends and excellent journalists and their individual awards were so well deserved.

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