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My retreat to print

Liz Danzico’s prediction for journalism in 2017:

The new year will bring a different kind of retreat. Rather than retreating into making or craft, we will retreat into smaller and more nuanced connections. Into quality over quantity. Into the single story over collections of stories. Into the subtle over the general. Into the singular datapoint over big data. Into attention over distraction.


I recently subscribed to the International New York Times. On weekday mornings the print edition comes through my door and I happily flick through it, reading most stories covering the world, business and culture.

Like a politics newsletter, it tells me everything I need to know. I’d been craving this level of curation for some time – the noise of social media has become too much this year. I don’t think we’re very good at curating for ourselves (or rather, Facebook hasn’t done a good job of curating for us).

So, not only have I – in a sense – retreated to print, but I’ve also cut down on my social media use, even deleting some apps from my phone.

And so far, it’s going well.

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Ben Jackson

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